Welcome to University Heights Firefighters Local 974

The University Heights Fire Department currently consists of 25 dedicated and professional Firefighters that protect life and property within the City of University Heights. The City of University Heights is approximately 2 square miles with a population of about 13,000. In
2012 the Fire Department responded to almost 2,000 fire and medical emergencies. In addition to handling emergencies, the Fire Department conducted Fire Safety Inspections, installed smoke detectors for residents, installed car seats by certified firefighters, taught fire safety classes, and gave fire house station tours among many other services provided.

At this time, University Heights Firefighters Local 974 is asking for your help to maintain the high level of service our residents have come to expect and deserve. A merger study has been conducted with a proposed plan to merge the University Heights Fire Department with the Shaker Heights Fire Department. The least damaging option of the 4 provided shows the ELIMINATION of 6 Firefighters, a UHFD Ladder Truck, a UHFD ambulance, and UHFD administration. Local 974 finds this unacceptable for the fact that services provided would not be equal to what they are currently with that reduction of equipment and more importantly, personnel. Be advised that the Fire Department is already running very low in staffing due to the City not replacing the last 4 firefighters that retired recently. Under the tab above labeled "links" you can take the time to view the study that was conducted along with all of the errors found by Local 974 in red. Local 974 encourages you to please contact your council representative, vice mayor, and/or mayor at 216-932-7800 asap in regard to this important safety matter. If you would like to contact a council member directly, their info can be found on the City website at www.universityheights.com/departments/city-council

Please remember that we are always willing to answer any questions you may have. We are at
the Firehouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stop in and visit us!

Thank you for your time, feel free to contact me direct.
John Novosielski
University Heights Firefighters Local 974